Monday, February 8, 2016


Got a new delivery of firewood and managed to get it stacked between showers.  This winter has been so mild, we´re still finishing last year´s order.  Hyacinths and tulips are showing, and the daffodils are up too.

We always ask for a combination of birch and oak, since the birch is ideal for starting the fire and the oak is better for heat and durability.  This year´s delivery seems light on the oak, so we´ll just have to insist next year.

Someday, we will store the wood in the barn.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Neighborhood

One of the benefits of having the dog is walking around the environs.  Until we get the fencing done, though Breo is very, very good about keeping us within sight when he´s not on a lead, we walk around the area every morning.  It helps when it´s not pouring rain, like it did the entire first week.  Hard to believe it´s been a year since the big move. We live in a really lovely part of the world.  Would you care to join us on a walk?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Spring Fever

A box came for me.

And inside . . .

were 20 bare root roses from Tuincentrum Lottum in the Netherlands! Roses do so well in Galicia that I had to have some. A selection of 20 hybrid teas, Austin English roses, climbers, floribundas and a Pink Portland.  

They have great looking roots and are much more green than I was expecting at this time of year.  They will mostly be going along fences and walls.  The wild roses I propagated will be placed strategically filling in gaps in the hedge.

I now have 2 Don Juan climbers for this corner of the house. I adored the splash of red and green the poinsettias gave to the steps, so red climbing roses it is.


 And now, along with lots of fence post holes to dig,  I have 20 more, and a raised bed to build.  I´m definitely feverish.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life wth Breo

For the last week:

This - several times a day.  A broom with these rubber fingers helps.
He now barks.  At cars and people arriving, which is good.  And at V´s cell phone when his boss calls, which is not so good.
Doing really well on his antibiotics and allergy relief medicine, hidden in hotdogs and swallowed immediately.
Likes zucchini/courgette, carrot, green beans, peas, squash, yoghurt, oatmeal, rice, cheese and all.kinds.of.meat.and.bone.  Spit out the diced apple I tried once.
He´s discovered the sofa.  To be fair, V encouraged him.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bienvenido Breogán

Look what the Reyes Magos brought us!

Breogán is a 3 year old mastiff mix, who was found wandering in the hills around Santiago in October.  He weighs in at 37 k and needs to fill out a little.

We picked him up from the Protectora Bando outside Santiago and so far he´s been wonderful.  Quiet, patient, affectionate and very, very stubborn.  We have to figure out how to get him to stop pulling on walks, but he´s really good natured.

We´ve been losing sleep worrying about him, but he was out like a light all last night, and snoring during his siesta today so maybe we can relax.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Holly and the Ivy

I decorated a little with what was available, since neither Christmas trees nor wreaths are easily available.  Mostly bay laurel, privet and ivy, holly is on the list to plant.  It won´t be my fault if the days don´t start getting longer.

Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays from Galicia!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Finished Gate

We´re calling this a success since it stays up, opens and closes, and we didn´t get divorced.  A win!

The posts were sunk 50 cm and set with a cement collar.  The ground by the creek is permanently softer and wetter and will need some shoring up, but for the moment they´re plumb.

The wood is green chestnut we got from a place in Palas de Rei.  It´s very heavy.  We´ll wait until next Spring/Summer to put on a finish of some kind.

Now, I hum the Dallas theme song every time I come home.